Fate Kennels

*Under Construction*

& Training Academy

Member of:

German Shepherd Club Of America

Atlanta Obedience Club

Griffin Kennel Club

International Association of canine professionals

Licensed evaluator for the akc cgc program

We believe in putting the breed first, not following trends or whats winning or popular but instead focusing on helping the breed remain preserved while improving health and structure.

Our dogs will do what they enjoy,sometimes thats the show ring,sometimes thats herding or lure coursing etc or sometimes thats hanging out on the couch.

A phenomenal dog is bred not built.

Having been involved in training,showing & breeding dogs for over 3 decades we understand the importance of balance,the importance of their role in our lives, and place a firm priority on health and benefit to the breed.

We are a small kennel. Currently most  of our dogs are young and just starting their careers.

Our dogs live in our home with us.