Puppy Application

Copy & Paste then submit by email to fatekennels@gmail.com

We can email you a copy if you have any issues

*Under Construction*

& Training Academy

Fate Kennels

We have  GSD litters planned for 2020/2021.

Expecting correct GSDs  in Solid Black,Black & Tan,Black & Red & Sable. Both short & long coat.

Show & Performance prospects will be available on a limited basis

As always, loving pet homes wanted!

(all litters pending health testing etc)

Georgia & TBD

Vegas & TBD

​Mojave & TBD

Rome & TBD

Please contact us for more info while we are working on our site!

*Name(s) of Adults in Household:

*Street Address:



*Phone Number:


*Primary Caregiver:

*Are you in the military?:

*Employment status:

 -Full time

 -Part time


 -Self Employed

*How long have you been (employment status above)?

*Do you have a Veterinarian? (if yes who)

*Preferred Gender of Puppy: 





*Budget for New Companion:





*Preferred Age:

-8 weeks

-Under 6 months

-6 months to 2 years

-2 years to 6 years



-Pet/Non Breeding



-Rent (with permission for large breed dog)

-Own (does your homeowner insurance cover GSDs?)

*Are you planning on moving in the near future?

*Do you have a fenced in yard?

*Approx property size:

*Children/Grandchildren in the household often?





*Allergies in the home to animals or dander?

*Have you ever owned a GSD?

*Have you ever given a dog to a rescue or shelter? ​If yes, why?

*Why do you want to own a GSD?

*What type of previous dog experience do you have?

*My dream dog temperament is..

-Social with friends/family

-Must love children

-Assistance qualified

-Assistance Hearing/Eye/Alert

-Home Protection

-Naturally Alert

-Naturally Aloof


-Sporty & Active

-Outgoing & Happy

-Creative independent thinker

-Highly biddable

-Soft,gentle,sweet,easy going

-Good with other dogs

-Low prey drive

-Therapy Candidate

-Eager to work

-Calm,laid back

-Competitive sport dog

-Farm dog

-Competitive conformation dog


*Additional Comments on Needs:

*Additional Comments on Wants:

*Preferred Look:

*Preferred Coat Length:





*Color Preference (Number in order desired)


    -Solid Black

    -Black & Tan

    -Black & Red

    -Bi Color

    -Other (Detail)

*Average time together:

  -After full time work/weekends companion

  -After part time work/weekends companion

  -Work from home


  -Outside Companion

  -Dog will come to work with me/us

  -Sport Dog

  -Farm Dog

*Where will this dog be kept when no one is home:





-Other (detail)

*Other pets currently in the home:

 -Male neutered dog

 -Female spayed dog

 -Male intact dog

 -Female intact dog

 -Cat (s)

 -Small inside pets such as rabbit,hamster etc

 -Farm Animals

 -Other (Detail)

*Training you intend:


 -Puppy Classes (where,such as pet store etc)

 -Advanced Classes (where,such as pet store etc)






 -Board & Train

*What training method do you intend on using?


-E Collar


-Purely Positive

-Halti/Gentle Leader

-Other (detail)

*I researched the breed:

*References - Provide 2 . 1 must be non family



​*Do you agree to the following?

-I am willing to provide pictures of my home & yard if needed 

-I am willing to allow a home visit

-I understand the special needs of a large protective breed

-I have  never had a cruelty to Animal Charge

-I will  not use this dog for fighting

-I will not chain this dog as a means to keep it home

-If I have issues maintaining employment,I will make a sincere effort to provide for my dog or call for assistance if need be

-I will not use this dog in any breeding program pure or mixed without legal breeding rights.

-If I can no longer keep this puppy/dog  for any reason I agree to return it to the breeder